Caring for Seniors with Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA)

Everyone who lives with dementia experiences the disease differently. One possible symptom is primary progressive aphasia, Aphasia refers to a group of neurological disorders that impact a person’s ability to read, write and speak; over 2 million Americas suffer from some form of aphasia.

Primary progressive aphasia (PPA) is a type of aphasia caused by dementia or Alzheimer’s.

The onset of PPA is slow, starting with subtle difficulties speaking and processing language. The early stages are nearly undetectable to all but those who know the person best and can see the difference between their current speech and previous abilities.

As PPD progresses, the individual gradually experiences increasing difficulty finding words, naming people and objects, and articulating themselves in general. In the later stages, they may lose the ability to speak altogether.

What Does Primary Progressive Aphasia Look Like?

Emily Page, author of the book Fractured Memories, had the foresight to begin interviewing her father annually after he was diagnosed with PPA. Her videos provide an instructive view of how the disorder progresses over time.

The first video interview, filmed in 2012, shows a person who is clearly effected by the symptoms but still able to converse fluidly. One year later, his ability to answer the same questions has declined, though he is still able to joke around. The following year shows a greater decline, and the final interview clearly demonstrates the final stages of primary progressive aphasia.

Though sad at times, these videos are useful to anyone preparing to care for a senior who has been diagnosed with PPA. They show how a person’s ability to care for themselves declines with the increasing struggle of speech, and how that person’s family members can continue to support them throughout the course of the disorder.

Caring for Seniors with Primary Progressive Aphasia

There is no cure for PPA, and thus anyone diagnosed will continue to lose their ability to speak, read and write. Eventually, that person will struggle to live by themselves and require greater care in their day to day lives.

There are two main options for seniors living with PPA: moving to a care home for individuals with dementia, or living with family members who care for them. Home care organizations like Right at Home Canada can provide supplementary care in situations where a person with PPA is cared for by their family. In many franchise locations, Right at Home Canada offers care programs specific to individuals with different forms of dementia.

For more information about primary progressive aphasia, visit, a website run by the National Aphasia Association that contains resources for people living with aphasia, caregivers, and professionals.

Updates On The Backyard Networking Event

Here are some updates on the first event we will have of the summer!  It will be hosted at Martha’s home, in her backyard.  She’s sitting on a couple acres of land, so it will be a great time.  Feel free to invite any of your neighbours or anyone else in the community who you think might enjoy this event!


The party will start at 2pm and go until the night is over.  Feel free to bring your bathing suits – Martha’s pool will be open.  For children, there is a huge field for soccer, football, etc.  No need to bring any sports equipment as we will be providing those along with many other activities throughout the day.  For food, we will be barbecuing hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie skewers and more.  We will be providing water, juice, pop and beer.  Beer will be kept in a keg cooler in the backyard.  Bring your own hard liquor or wine if you prefer that instead.

Activities will range from games in the swimming pool to three-legged races and egg toss.  Please respect Martha’s home by not going inside unless you need to use the bathroom.  Remember, as a community we need to care for each other and respect the space we’re in.  That’s how we are able to constantly throw fun social events like these!  If you have any allergies, please let us know.  Tickets for this event will go on sale Monday!  Please contact us if you are interested.

We’re super excited for this event to happen!  It’s the first of the season and there will be plenty more to follow.  We will also be auctioning off a fully stocked mini fridge!  You can purchase raffle tickets through me, George, or at any of the volunteer tables set up throughout the party.  There will also be people walking around during dinner selling more tickets.  Included in the mini fridge are a ton of drinks ranging from premium beer to liters of whiskey and vodka.  You also get the fridge as well!

Join us in our first summer event.  We can’t wait!  Remember to bring your bathing suits, and this is a child friendly event.

Summer Events In The Community

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